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What's the difference?

We believe technology should be leveraged to save you TIME and make you more Efficient and NOT bog you down.
(For example we will teach you how to put a link in the agent remarks in the MLS so the selling agent can get all the docs to write the offer already filled out with your clients info and put it right into YOUR secure file---saves you time and the selling agent).

Here is the "simple" answer---MORE tools, support and training---LESS costs, MORE money in your pocket. It's all about the INCOME and NOT the Split! For example at Brokers 70% of a $6000 commission is $4200 NOT $3240 or 54% the way some Franchise operations calculate it.

Brokers Realty provides at "no cost" to their Realtor Partners:
IDX Powered website with CRM and Lead Capture, Paperless Dotloop transaction platform, Direct pay to your bank account, automated Social Media marketing and advertising, 8 offices to use, cloud storage, enhanced email for security, cyber insurance for data breaches, David Knox on Demand Training, Live training 3 times a week 3 weeks of every month, Designations for Renovation Specialist, Staging, Customer First and more, Client Introductions, and easy Broker Access.

History Overview

The Brokers Realty Group Limited was and remains a majority Woman Owned firm, founded in 1998 in 2000 it changed its business name to BrokersRealty.Com as the owners saw the future. Over the years the business grew from it New Cumberland beginnings to two larger offices both on “Realtor Row” on Market Street in Camp Hill and York. Since 2003 BrokersRealty.Com was a large Broker in the LendingTree network until they sale of their real estate operations in 2011---but this partnership helped hone the firms grasp of the internet customer.  In 2006, a remote office in Pocono Lake was opened to see “if” they could run an office remotely in another market 2 hours from “home”. The business model was honed. In 2009, with the market challenges, a decision was made to consolidate the York and Harrisburg offices into Lewisberry (WHQ). In August of 2013, the decision was made to make our move and expand across PA and into MD. Since then, 3 offices have been opened to take the total to 9 offices: Lewisberry, Mount Pocono, Kingston, Stroudsburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Coal Township,and Cochran, GA.


Visionary Overview

BrokersRealty.Com is an “Agent Centric” business model---with the company and management's focus on keeping overhead low and agent tools, training and splits as high as possible.  No “nicks” or outrageous charges for services or E an O Coverages. The firm believes in empowering the agent to do all that their license entitles them to do---residential, commercial, new construction, land development, investor sales you name it.  We are looking to grow with experienced Realtors across PA over the the next 2 years.

Safe Island

BrokersRealty.Com is a “one call shop” that means your listing, your business, all inquiries from the web or phone go to the agent. NO DUTY ROOM. If a call goes to the wrong office---the call comes to you. We have ONE phone system that integrates ALL offices---no one will scoop your business.

Core Ideology

BrokersRealty.Com strives to be a High Tech---High Touch company that’s mission is to Simplify the process for Agents and Customers alike. Paperless transactions and online file management for both. We use a hybrid office model that consists of a reception area, bee hive, and a conference room. We have a “Pay it forward” culture.

Greatest Opportunity

Right now we are growing, and people are noticing. Our opportunity embraces NO franchise fee off the top so this is a raise for most agents, the one call policy returns your business to you,  Tools and Training to grow your business without being micromanaged.

Additional Opportunity

If you want to go to the “next level” we offer training to build an REO Business, Pre-Approved Short Sales, Expired Listings, FSBO program, social media marketing and more every week. We provide free lead capturing web sites, free virtual tours, “squeeze pages”,”Smart Lead Capture” , Contact Management, BPO opportunities, and a program to benefit all Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Educators and Military personnel active or retired in any of the fields.

Personal Aspirations

We’re here to help you build your own business they way you design it.  Teams are welcome.

Have a new idea? Bring it let’s talk!

Associate Friendly Policies

Use of any office, access to all MLS systems, Commision break to buy one property per year, no weekly meetings, easy Broker access, Free training.

Compensation and Fees

For established agents, BrokersRealty.Com is a 70/30 split company on ALL your own business---both in house and co broke, the split is 50/50 on business we provide.We have a graduated plan thatn goes to 90% based on production over a 12 month period. Bonus dollars pass directly to agent, 100%.  New agents are encouraged to join on with a mentor.

Teams are handled with on an individula basis depending on their business structure.

Fees you pay are: Realtor dues, License fees, personal marketing, MLS and an annual E and O due on December 15th, No technology, office, or other nick fees.

There is a Consumer Regulatory Transaction fee charged to customers, that passes through to the company. Agents may adjust this and collect the difference.

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